Hi, I'm Abilash Thomas!

Backend Developer Engineer

What I am all about.

I am a Software Engineer with 8 years of experience in developing backend software solutions. I have acquired expertise in Big Data Analytics and RESTful Web Services. I have developed code for various domains and software development platforms like Cloud and Internet of Things (IOT)

I have acquired skills in Big Data Enginering using Hadoop and Spark Platforms with Java and Scala. I have acquired skills in creating Microservices, RESTful APIs and web applications using Spring MVC and related technologies. I have worked on both SQL and NoSQL Databases.

I am a team player. I have gained experience coordinating and leading cross-functional and multi-cultural development teams. I have worked in three countries India, Philippines and USA. I am a very open and transparent person.


Big Data Analytics

Processing large volume of data on a distributed computing infrastructure using tools like Spark and Hadoop. Also does ETL and Machine learning.

Structured and Unstructured Data Sources

Processing and Integrating SQL (Structured) and NoSQL (Unstructures) Databases. SQL Databases include Oracle DB, Mysql, PostgresQL etc. NoSQL Databases include HBase, MongoDB etc. Also experienced with Stream processing using Kafka.

Cloud Infrastructure to Replace In-House Servers

Experience working in various Cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure etc. Also posseses expertize in Linux OS

Web API's for Mobile Devices like Iphone and Android

Experience developing RESTful APIs and Microservices using Spring Framework and related technologies. Has worked on improving the security using Oauth 2.0 protocol, Micorosoft Active Directory, Facebook Authentication etc.

Automating Engineering Tasks

Has worked on automating engineering tasks and workflows by removing the manual Process. Automation scripts in Linux using shell scripts and python.

Multiple Domains and Projects

Experience working in multiple domains like Social Media, Insurance, Manufacturing etc.


Big Data - Hadoop, Spark, Kafka
Restful APIs - Spring MVC
Databases - SQL and NoSQL
Cloud Infrastructure
Other tools - PHP, Html, Javascript, Docker

Work Experience

2015 - Present

Computer Systems Analyst

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

India, Kochi and USA, California

2011 - 2014

Senior Software Engineer

HIFX IT and Media Services Pvt Ltd

India, Kochi

2010 - 2011

Web Developer

Matekk Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

India, Kochi


2006 - 2010

Computer Science and Engineering

Mahatma Gandhi University

India, Kerala

1992 - 2006

Primary Education and High School

Sri Atmananda Memorial School

India, Kerala


Outdoor Sports

Doing outdoor activities for fun and workout! My hobbies include playing Soccer, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Swimming etc

Art and Music

I like visiting various art musuems to feel the history of humanity. Trying understanding the emotions of cultures and events is a thing for me. I also enjoy music and play acoustic guitar.

Volunteering for Non-Profit Organisations

There is no greater joy and self-satisfaction than volunteering to help those who can't help themselves. Offering support and care wherever possible!